Women in STEM

2017 ANNUAL summary

Exponential Growth


Our accomplishments over the past year have been expansive. We're beyond excited to announce that we created 8 chapters in 8 months, created a nationwide organization, and increased interest in STEM.


Driving growth and accelerating progress.


This past year, we expanded our program from one chapter at Lab to eight nationwide. We've spearheaded a variety of different initiatives that have all had increased interests, and we're eager to drive further progress.

We've matched 96 girls in our mentorship program, and we're looking forward to expanding it across all of our chapters. Connecting with different universities and students allows for high school girls to visualize a STEM path in their future easily. This mentorship program has easily been one of the most rewarding experiences that our members have participated in. 


We have 180 members across all eight chapters, and looking to double over the next year. These members have all played a key role in publicizing our initiatives and participating in the opportunities we offer.

Ultimately, this past year, WiSTEM has learned a lot about being an organization, increasing participation, and effective strategies. We believe that through our success in this first year, we can build a strong foundation for the future. We are excited to see where we go and we hope you'll join us for the journey.





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